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The First Wagging Dogs

We all remember our first dogs. The way they made us feel, the adventures we had and in my case the way their dangly ears helped wipe away my childhood tears.

Meet Toby (brown and white) and Oscar (black and white), our beautiful Cocker Spaniels. I remember these dogs for their mischievous spirits and an amazing capacity for love and affection. Toby was deaf and the first to join our family and then to help us communicate with him we got Oscar. Unfortunately, instead of Oscar teaching Toby when to come or how to to behave it was Toby who did the teaching! Oscar learnt how to steal tea towels and how to pull underwear off radiators and run like the wind. They were so funny.

Most of my earliest memories were of these two boys. Whether it was drying my tears on their ears after a fall or a telling off or helping me on my annual hunt for Santa and the presents he would have stashed somewhere, they were always there.

They fostered my love for animals, especially dogs. I owe them much for they taught me about compassion, affection and the immense fun that can be had getting up to mischief.

If you have any stories or pictures about your first dogs you would like to share please feel to post here or email

I'm pleased Toby and Oscar have been immortalised on the internet. Their memory will forever live on in me.

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