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Huskies are lovable dogs with a striking appearance. Full of energy with strong bonds to their "pack".

Height Range

51-60cm (20-24in)

Weight Range

16-27kg (35-60lb)

Life Span

over 10 years

Originate from


Well known for being used as sled dogs, these hardy canines are well equipped to deal with the low temperatures. The Siberian Husky is famous the world over, their wolf like appearance is iconic across the world and they often feature on television and in popular literature.

These dogs are part of the Spitz family, clearly descended from wolves. Pointed ears, the shape of the head and alert expression all give them a wonderfully wild appearance. Used to hard work, they are full of energy. Lots of exercise will be required should you be considering adding a Husky to your family. They are well known for their love of chasing small animals so bear that in mind should you have any other pets,

Siberian Huskies are sociable and loving dogs and would make a great addition to any pack!

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