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These dogs are full of energy, love and fun with beautiful exberant personalities

Height Range

53-63cm (21-25in)

Weight Range

25-32kg (55-71lb)

Life Span

10-14 years

Originate from


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With a huge personality that matches their size, these dogs will easily find their way into your heart and your home. 

Muscular and courageous, these dogs originally found popularity as hunters and fighters but still find gainful employment today with military and police forces the world over. Don't let this beautiful dogs history put you off.  They are fun loving and make wonderful companions and whilst they can be protective they have an excellent temperament. These dog's are great with children. Their boisterous, active nature is balanced with tolerance and the warmth of boundless friendship.

If you're thinking of bring a Boxer into your life then you should be active and have the room at home (and in the garden) to keep this dog satisfied and healthy. On walks the Boxer's old hunting instincts may be aroused by birds and small animals so lots of training early on is advised.

These are lovely, loyal companions. In a boxer dog you will have a friend for life.

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