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Beagles are very popular dogs. Active with a happy and amiable nature. They love company and excercise.

Height Range

33-40cm (13-16in)

Weight Range

9-11kg (20-24lb)

Life Span

approx. 13 years

Originate from


Beagles can be traced back as far as 16th century England. Originally used to hunt rabbits in packs, these dogs are recognised as scent hounds; highly active with a strong instinct for following trails.

The Beagles friendly and tolerant nature make it an excellent pet, provided it has plenty of company and exercise. Beagles do not do well when left alone. Long periods of solitude may result in behavioral problems. They are well known for their loud bark and have a reputation for using it often. This could upset neighbours so be wary of this if you're planning to add one of these dogs to your family. 

Amongst their many pluses these dogs are easy to train and good in a family unit. Keep them away from small animals though as you wouldn't want them to think they were on the hunt! These beautiful dogs would definitely bring lots of love and joy into anybodies life. 

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