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Boomer is our guest reviewer on this site. He knows his dog toys, gadgets, and beds and is all too happy to give an honest opinion on them. To make it easy to see costs and product details we have provided links to Amazon for ease of use. Believe it or not, every dog product that has been reviewed on this page Boomer has played with, chewed, and in some cases destroyed. We hope you'll find it useful.


This ball launcher, which we named 'Throwbot', was an immediate hit. Whilst Boomer still doesn't know how it works he is fascinated by it and all the flying balls. A great buy and hours of fun.

Boomer says: Boomer loves balls, more balls.

The play bone is another techy toy that Boomer loved. In fact, he loved it too much. It gets him so excited we have to limit his time with it. It is rugged and has a great battery life, a brilliant distraction for any dog.

Boomer says: Bone moves, must catch bone.

BM play bone.png
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