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Border Collie

Very energetic and very clever,  these dogs are obedient to the end 

Height Range

50-53cm (20-21in)

Weight Range

12-20kg (26-44lb)

Life Span

over 10 years

Originate from


Border Collie 7.jpeg

Border Collie's are renowned for their intellect and often associated with working hard. These dogs have a very low boredom threshold and as such need to be kept busy as often as possible. Before dog events like Crufts were televised these dogs played a role on TV as the stars of 'One Man and his Dog', willing sheep in to pens. They will forever be associated with sheep herding and their ability to learn a multitude of commands and whistles by older generations.

Beyond their cleverness these dogs are fun! Faithful and energetic they make great companions and when trained fit well with families and individuals that have active lifestyles. You'll need lots of room at home and ample time to give to these beautiful dogs.  

The Border Collie's bright eyes and wonderful personality will win you heart whilst its friendly, outgoing nature will fill your life with memories of adventure and companionship.

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