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Kind and intelligent with a loveable personality, these beautiful dogs make perfect companions

Height Range

55-57cm (22in)

Weight Range

23-37kg (55-82lb)

Life Span

10-12 years

Originate from


Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds on the planet. Widely used as working dogs, they can often be seen accompanying police officers, rescue crews and the blind. Intelligent and full of energy, these dogs are extremely friendly and their amiable characters make them the perfect addition to any family or a companion for those in need of a friend.

Labradors are loving and lovable. They are easy to train and like to be challenged mentally and physically. Exercise is important for these dogs as they have a tendency to gain weight easily should they spend a lot of time indoors. Their steady nature has secured them as a family favourite. Good with children and other animals, they make wonderful pets and exceptional companions. Originally bred by fishermen, the Labrador is a great swimmer and will often make a bee line for water if out on a walk. 

Trustworthy, dependable and affection. These dogs are eager to please and would make a great addition to an active household.

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