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If We Were Like Dogs

Dogs are often referred to as mans best friend. It increasingly becomes clear that man is not man's best friend.

In the past few weeks we have seen examples of world leaders threatening war as the rhetoric between America and North Korea escalates. Small minded racists killing in the name of hatred in Charlottesville and religious extremists slaughtering the innocent in Burkina Faso. All things born into this world are innocent, it is only humans that have the power to pollute a pure soul with loathing and irrational fears.

If we take a good look at dogs we see a great example of creatures that are full of love and only have a desire to be happy. Creatures that take joy from pleasing the people around them. Many dogs are seen as having a relatively good degree of intelligence but they don't come close to the higher thinking that people are capable of. What some people choose to do with that thinking makes me hang my head in shame. I'm not suggesting we take to walking on all fours and sniffing each others bums when we greet but dogs are a species that make our species look bad!

I appreciate that sounds crazy and I'm obviously biased as I'm writing a blog on a website dedicated to dogs but wouldn't life be simpler if we took the approach to life that dogs do; have fun, be happy, eat, run, play and love. If we all lived with a dogs attitude to life the world would be a happier place.

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