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Heat and our Furry Friends

Sunny day dogs

Summer has arrived! A great time to be out and about with your dog,enjoying the outdoors and each others company.

Where there is sun there is fun and there is so much to do with your pup when the weather is like this; parks, beaches, rivers and lakes all offer a great (and cheap) day out that your dog will love.

Whilst people and dogs enjoy the sun please have in mind that dogs can overheat just like us. Unlike us they can't take their coats off. Heat can be dangerous for you happy hounds and can lead to illness.

Remember: -

1. Provide fresh water for your dogs when out and about.

2. Ensure there is plenty of shade and that your dogs take advantage of it.

3. Never leave a dog in a hot car! Every year we see fresh stories of dogs being rescued from hot vehicles or worse, dying because of neglectful owners. If you need to leave your dog in the car you should just leave it at home.

Enjoy the sunshine and keep your dog safe, happy and healthy.

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