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For the Love of Dog

Spring is upon us an what better way to watch the world come to life than with your dog!

Rain or shine your canine friend will always want to go out and explore but with the change in the weather just round the corner this is a glorious time of year to try somewhere new. Anybody that has a dog know's that they will sniff that same spot a thousand times over when leaving the house but watching them race through a blossoming field, tearing through a newly found woodland or sending up spray on a beach somewhere will fill you and you friend full of joy.

Longer evenings mean longer walks so why not treat your dog by visiting somewhere new. Who knows what adventure awaits. The best bit is that not only will your dog appreciate it but you'll feel better for doing it too. Walking doesn't just keep your furry friend healthy but will have the same effect on you.

Time for a walk?

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