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A Friend for Life

My Best Friend

The dog in the picture was my best friend for many years. She was full of love, gentle, empathetic and inquisitive. One day I will tell the story of our journey together.

Unfortunately it didn't involve exciting trips around the world to exotic and far off shores. Nor did it involve harrowing tales of adventure and exploration. All in all our life together would be best described as normal. But the joy and companionship she brought was anything but normal. One day I'll share memories of this beautiful little brown dog but for the time being I just wanted to share a realisation.

My friend was taken by cancer. She fought bravely for a year and remained true to her irrepressible character throughout her treatment up until the very end. I remember fondly coming home to her. She knew I was on my way, she waited at the door patiently the same time everyday to greet me. Seeing her reaction to my return home was the best feeling ever. The way she would take (and proceed to hide) my keys and wag her tail so hard that she almost lost her balance would never fail to bring a smile to my face. She made the house I was in a home.

It has been many years now since we were together yet when I need her to comfort me, she is still in my head. I dip in to my memories and remember how this amazing friend of mine used to greet me. My dog still brings a smile to my face and she will forever more be my best friend.

That's what I realised; my friend left paw prints across my life and they are set in stone. She is always with me and she'll always be there to cheer me up. I am so grateful and lucky to have known her.

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